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Dr Archik - Best Orthopedic Surgeon/Doctors Clinic In Mumbai

Dr Archik - Best Orthopedic - Joint Replacement, Spine Surgeries, Fractures Treatment Surgeon Doctors Clinic/Hospitals/Center In MumbaiDr.Shreedhar Archik is an orthopedist, orthopedic surgeon and total joint surgeon in Dadar West, Mumbai and has an experience of 21 years in these fields.Dr.Shreedhar Archik practices at Dr. Shreedhar Archik’s Care Clinic in Dadar West, Mumbai, Global Hospital in Parel, Mumbai, Lilavati Hospital, Bandra West, Mumbai and Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar West, Mumbai
Dr. Archik was Awarded M.Sc in orthopedics by the Oxford University for pioneering work in the field of limb lengthening in the year 1995.His special interests are joint replacements, spine and management of complex trauma.

No one really gets to realize how important a role the bones and limbs play in one’s life until and unless one requires fracture treatment or trauma surgery. It is painful to say the least and unfortunately, the modern lifestyle we are leading has exposed every person, irrespective of their age group, to such injuries. Problems in joints have become common and road accidents are on the rise. Nevertheless, if you are in Mumbai, expert treatment is readily available at Dr.Archik’s Orthopedic Care Clinic as it is one of the finest orthopedic Clinics/Hospitals/Center Mumbai has to offer.

This fractures care clinic run by Dr. Shreedhar Archik offers trauma treatment, joint replacement, spine surgery and almost all kinds of surgeries that have got anything to do with joints or bones. Dr. Sreedhar comes armed with years of experience and expertise and this is why, when you have a query about best Orthopedic Doctors/surgeon Mumbai, you can trust him without any second thoughts. The most relaxing thing about the clinic is that it brings the best of technology and personal touch to the patient and thus, one need not worry about getting hasty or thoughtless diagnosis.

Whether you are searching for orthopedic surgery Mumbai or knee replacement surgery Mumbai, you can be assured of getting treated at a world-class facility center. Even the sensitive surgery cases related to old patients get the most sophisticated and gentle treatment at the hands of Dr. Shreedhar Archik. Last but not the least, the most sensitive trauma surgeries that scare people are also dealt with utmost care and accuracy. So, you will not have to bother looking for joint Doctors Hospitals/Clinics Mumbai finding an efficient hip replacement doctors/surgeon as your search for the best stops at Dr. Archik’s Orthopedic Care Clinic.


Joint Replacements


Joints are the drivers of a human body as they make locomotion possible and thus, any injury or damage to the joints hinders the life of a person to a considerable degree. Whether the wear and tear arises out of an accident or age-related problem like osteoarthritis, the joints have to bear the brunt. However, medical science has made so many advancements in the field of surgery that one can get the joints replaced and if your search is related to Joint Replacement Surgery Mumbai then Dr. Archik offers to be an ideal surgical solution.

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Spine Surgeries
Spine Surgeries - Back Pain Specialist Surgeon Doctors Treatment Clinic/Hospitals/Center In Mumbai | Dr. Shreedhar ArchikThe spine or backbone is a very significant organ of the human body. Any injury or problem in the spine can affect one’s life in a serious manner and unfortunately, the present-day lifestyle has made people prone to spinal problems and injuries. Back pain and slipped disc are common among people who lead sedentary lives and if you are searching for back pain treatment Mumbai clinics then Dr. Archik Orthopedic Care Clinic comes forward as the soundest solution. Led by one of the best spine surgeon Mumbai can offer, here you get the best treatment at fair fees.
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colles fracture

With the increase in number of road accidents, there has been a growing need for state-of-the-art trauma surgery hospitals and expert surgeons that can cater to these sensitive cases. Unlike other surgeries, these surgeries require delicate handling as there are multiple fractures to be taken care of. These are complex cases but Dr. Archik Orthopedic Care Clinic caters to these cases with great competence. It is one of the best trauma treatment centers Mumbai offers bone fracture treatment & and if you are looking for bone fracture treatment you can rely on the expertise and experience of Dr. Shreedhar Archik.

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Patient’s Testimonial

Ashish Gandhi

Excellent. He is very patient and gives proper advise. There are two levels checks basically first checked by a physio and then drsridhar himself.
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Abhijit Roy

He is a very amiable person and gives reasonable time to understand the problem. His diagonisis is very precise, I am happy with the treatment.

The doctor is an expert in his field and his behavior is also very good and polite. Would recommend as one of the best orthopedics
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